Rates Rebate

Let’s face it, everyone would like to pay less on their rates.

The good news is you may be eligible for a rebate. The Gore District Council processes about 530 applications each year under the Rates Rebate Scheme, which it administers on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs.


Who Can Apply?

You can apply for a rebate, which is credited to your rates, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are the legal owner of the property
  • you have been living at the address since the start of the current rating year (1 July)
  • You have a low income or receive a benefit

If the property is being used mainly for business, farming, commercial or industrial purposes, or is not your usual place of residence you cannot claim a rates rebate.


When Can I Apply?

Applications opened on 1 July and can be made anytime up to the end of the rating year. Applications close on 30 June for this present rating year (2020/21).


How Do I Know if I Qualify?

Rebates are calculated on your household income, rates and the number of dependants you have.

The maximum rebate amount is $655.

To help you calculate whether you qualify the Department of Internal Affairs has a rebate entitlement calculator; or contact our customer service team on 209 0330.


How Do I Apply?

Applications can be made with our Customer Service team at the Civic Centre in Gore. Please phone to make an appointment so we can make sure we have everything ready when you visit. This helps speed up the application process and saves you time.

Our staff are more than happy to help you with an application and will even come to your home if you are immobile.

Rebates are granted under the Rates Rebate Act 1973 and you must provide income information so the rebate can be calculated. You will also have to supply the following supporting information:

  • a copy of your rates account, and
  • proof of your income for the previous tax year.

For more information about the scheme or to download a copy of the application form visit the DIA website.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: info@goredc.govt.nz