COVID-19 Rates Deferral Information

On this page you will find information about the Council's rates deferral opportunity for ratepayers experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

It is important that if you can pay your next instalment then please do so.  Rates remain a crucial source of income for all councils, helping ensure the essential services they provide – from drinking water to rubbish collection and roading maintenance - continue during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond.

Please contact us so we can work together to make a plan that suits your circumstances. 


Payment Options


How To Apply

Direct Debit Application Form [PDF, 121 KB]

COVID-19 Short Term Rates Deferral Policy [PDF, 132 KB]


Payment Options 

The options are:

  • Deferring payment of your fourth rates instalment, due on 29 May.
  • Deferring payment of your fourth rates instalment and the first instalment for 2020/21.

It is important to understand these options will require some certainty that you will be able to pay the deferred amount as part of an agreed payment plan.

  • Set up a direct debit to spread your payment equally over the instalment period or beyond if necessary
  • Consider reducing the frequency of an existing direct debit to make smaller more regular payments
  • Reduce the amount of your direct debit temporarily until your situation improves

No late payment penalties will be imposed on ratepayers facing financial hardship who contact us and set up an agreed payment plan.

You may also qualify for a rates rebate. Please go to our Rates Rebate page for more information.



Rates deferral will only be available to our customers who are not in arrears with their rates payment, as at 1 July 2019. 


How To Apply

Please use the confidential application form - click on this link, which takes you to an external website

For those who do not have access to the internet, they can phone us (03) 209-0330.


Other Options

If you are having difficulty meeting mortgage repayments, you may want to contact your bank and ask for advice about the possibility of being given a mortgage holiday.





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