District Plan Review - a plan for everyone

The Council has started work on reviewing its District Plan and is looking for people interested in being involved.

The District Plan review is one of the most significant projects on the horizon at present. It will take about two years and require input from the community at various stages along the way.

The District Plan is the community's rule book for how we look after what we have and what may happen in the future.


Get Involved

To do this we need your help.

If you want to have input into any proposed changes being considered to the District Plan, or there are issues important to you and you want to share your views then email planning@goredc.govt.nz. This will ensure you are added to our District Plan Review database, and receive regular emails and information from us.


What is a District Plan?

Despite their importance, most people know little about district plans. In essence the District Plan impacts on everything we do and how we do it.

A district plan sets the framework for managing land use and development. It contains objectives, policies and rules to address resource management issues such as the effects of land use and subdivision, noise and traffic.

The rules of the Council’s District Plan set out what activities you can do as of right (permitted activities) and what activities you'll need resource consent for. These rules cover things like residential development, subdivision of land, the height and location of buildings, commercial and industrial developments, heritage and noise.


Protected Trees and Heritage Buildings

One of the pieces of work being undertaken as part of the District Plan review is assessing the list of protected trees and heritage buildings.

Here are the current lists:

Significant trees [PDF, 635 KB]

Heritage buildings [PDF, 462 KB]

If you consider there are any other trees or buildings that should be recognised because they have special values let us know. We will be also getting advice from independent consultants to determine whether the trees or buildings meet the required criteria for potential inclusion in the new District Plan.  This work will include discussion with affected landowners.

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