25 May 2021

Wristbands being introduced at Gore pool

The Gore Aquatic Centre is introducing wristbands as an additional tool to ensure the safety of its youngest customers.

The parents/caregivers of children aged under 5 years will be given an orange wristband to wear when they arrive at the pool to show they will be in the water with their child.

Children aged under 8 years will be given a green wristband to wear. This will show pool staff there should be someone poolside supervising them.   

Existing rules require all children to be actively supervised by someone aged 16 years or over. For those aged under 5 year, the person must be in the water with them. Those aged under 8 years need someone poolside at all times.

Aquatic Services Manager Martin Mackereth said actively supervising a child means being able to give immediate assistance.

“The wristbands will make it easier for lifeguards to ensure the rules are being followed. 

“They (lifeguards) will be able to quickly identify if a child is under 8 years or if an adult should be in the water with their under 5 year-old.”

Unfortunately, there have been instances where a child or several children have been left in the care of one adult while their supervising adult goes for a swim in the main pool or spa pool, Mr Mackereth said.

“Lately, we’ve also had people dropping off children and leaving, or sending someone aged under 16 years look after them.

“People need to take responsibility for their children.”

The use of wristbands for children is common in public swimming pools throughout New Zealand – “in fact, we are one of the last to introduce them”.

The wristbands will be rolled out this weekend.

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