18 June 2014

Traffic queuing concerns at Mataura intersection

The NZ Transport Agency says some motorists appear to be confused or are choosing to ignore right-hand-rule signage, installed two years ago, as it applies at the Gore-Mataura Highway (SH1) and Bridge Street (SH93) intersection in Mataura.

The Transport Agency says the rule change is now second nature to most drivers. Around the time of this change intersections posing issues, including this one, were identified and the traffic turning priority changed by installing Give Way signs to better manage vehicle flows.

Transport Agency Southland Senior Network Manager Peter Robinson says due to the short distance between the Carlyle Street and Bridge Street intersections, there is limited queuing space for right turning traffic wanting to enter Bridge Street.  This is aggravated by the fact that this is a heavy vehicle route and a truck and trailer occupies most of the right turn bay.

“To ensure right turning traffic can clear quickly it was necessary to make left turn vehicles give way.  This was achieved by installing a Give Way Sign for those turning left from the Gore Highway into Bridge Street.”

Mr Robinson says having watched traffic behaviour at the intersection, many drivers making left turns aren’t aware, or ignore the fact, that they must follow the signs and road markings and give way at this intersection.

"Their failure to do so is causing a lot of frustration for road users who have legal right of way. We will continue to monitor driver behaviour at this site."

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