9 January 2019

Otama scheme users urged to conserve water

Otama Rural Water Supply consumers are being asked to conserve water as the scheme continues to struggle to keep up with demand.

3 Waters Asset Manager Matt Bayliss has urged consumers to avoid all non-essential water usage (i.e. watering the gardens or cleaning vehicles), and where possible shift stock on to alternative water sources in the short term.

The scheme has been struggling to meet demand since Christmas, especially the Blackhills Reservoir. The reservoir level, at best, is only filling to approx. 30% with supply pumps running 24/7.

3 Waters staff have spent the last few days searching for leaks and checking tanks, but have found nothing significant yet. Consumers are asked to check their tanks and on farm reticulation systems for leaks.

The way the scheme is configured means consumers should continue to get a limited supply of water for essential services. However, the situation has reached the stage where it is possible some consumers' onsite storage tanks will be getting close to running out.

The Council has not had any reports of consumers being completely without drinking water at this stage.

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