15 March 2019

No risk at present from mould found at Gore library

Mould, discovered in the Gore Library late last month, does not present a hazard at present to library customers and staff.

The black mould is present in the manager’s office and a north facing corner where there is limited public foot traffic.

Given the library is a building frequented by many of our youngest residents and senior citizens, the Council acted immediately to determine if there was any risk and how best to ensure it is safe for customers and staff.

Regulatory and Planning General Manager Dr Ian Davidson-Watts said results of testing and the expert advice the Council has received to date indicates the mould does not present a hazard at present.

Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure the mould was covered last week with plastic and sealed to contain it.

The occurrence of mould highlights the growing issues linked to the leaky building problems that have been occurring at the library for a number of years. The Council’s 10-Year-Plan recognises these issues and outlines work to be undertaken to prevent water from seeping into the building.

The replacement of the roof was one avenue. However, with the need now to take a more global look at things, the Council is working with environmental specialists to develop a management plan to achieve the best long term outcome.

Senior managers have spoken with staff at the library.

Gore District Mayor Tracy Hicks said public safety is paramount for any Council facility. He was confident staff have acted quickly and appropriately.

“We have been gathering factual evidence and getting the best advice available, all of which indicates there is no risk at present to customers,” he said.



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