5 February 2014

New brand for the District and the Council launched

The Gore District Council has unveiled a brand for the District it believes will become a powerful tool for promoting the area and building pride in the community.

The new District and Council logos and the Rural City Living brand were launched this week at a function at the Thomas Green, attended by over 120 people from all sectors of the community.

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At the same time, the Council’s contractors worked into the night putting up 90 street flags in Gore and Mataura and boundary signs at the state highway entrances to the District, featuring dramatic visuals promoting the new brand. 

The brand design is unique with the letters being stacked instead of the traditional visual interpretations of hills and rivers. The Council has also stayed away from promoting one specific aspect of the community, such as fishing or country music, which will allow the brand to be applied across all sectors.

The launch has been timed to coincide with two events that epitomise the Rural City Living brand – Southern Field Days and an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art.

Gore District Mayor Tracy Hicks said there would be few places where people get to be part of the largest rural gathering for business and pleasure in the South Island, and experience a New Zealand rarity in Chinese contemporary art.

He believed the brand perfectly encapsulates what the Gore District is all about.

“We are a rural area with a lifestyle to match but have facilities and events you would expect to find in a city.”

This is the first time the District has been branded and Mr Hicks sees it as an ideal vehicle to promote economic development, as well as bring cohesion to the marketing of the area’s events, services and attractions.

“I am really excited about the possibilities this branding opportunity provides for both business operators and community organisations alike to market themselves, and the district, locally and nationally.

For years the Gore District has been hailed by many as the country's best kept secret.

“We need to let everyone in on the secret if we are to compete and prosper. This is the beginning,” Mr Hicks said.

Chief Executive Stephen Parry said the rebranding of the Council, in line with the District’s new brand, was a logical move.

“Everything we do as a community and at the Council epitomises quality and innovation. The brand supports that attitude.”

It gives staff something to aspire to and something that will underpin their current efforts, Mr Parry said.

The development of the brand and logos by Dry Crust Communications, from concepts provided by the Council, cost approximately $15,000.

Mr Parry said the Gore District brand will be free to businesses and organisations to use. However, quality and consistency were vital, and the Council is developing brand guidelines and a toolkit for those who want to become brand partners.    

“We will ensure the brand is accessible but we also need to ensure we protect its integrity and build on the investment to date.”

Rollout of the brand across all of the Council’s services and activities would be staged, Mr Parry said.

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