11 February 2019

Hot weather sees daily water use increase

The Gore District Council is moving to level 2 water restrictions for Gore tomorrow (Tues 12 February).  

With the new water restriction regime now in place, level 2 means residents can still water their vegetable gardens using any method. However, they are limited to a maximum of two hours a day, either 7.00am to 9.00am or 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

Use of water for other activities, such as cleaning cars or watering flower gardens, is restricted to hand held hose or bucket.

Level 2 means there are also restrictions for commercial users and schools, while the Council is required to reduce its watering of lawn areas and can only clean fleet vehicles for regulatory, health and safety, or emergency reasons.

3 Waters Asset Manager Matt Bayliss said the move to level 2 has been prompted by the continued decline in water levels at Cooper’s Wells. There has also been a marked increase in water consumption with the recent hot weather.

“Over the past week we have averaged approximately 4 million litres per day, compared to 3.6 million litres per day in January.”

Environment Southland today issued the Council with a conserve water notice after the Mataura River flow at Gore dropped to 16.96 cubic metres per second (cumecs).  This is in keeping with the Council’s consent, which requires water conservation measures when the river, at Environment Southland’s Gore monitoring site, falls to and remains at or below 17cumecs.

Mr Bayliss said the Council was likely to start pumping water from the Mataura River to supplement well levels sometime this week.

“Consumers may notice a slight change in taste of the water as a result even though the water is treated before entering the urban network.”

The Council has also issued a conserve water notice to Otama Rural Water Scheme users.

“Water consumption is currently very high and as a result the scheme is struggling to keep up with demand, particularly the area supplied from the Blackhill’s Reservoir,” Mr Bayliss said.

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