11 June 2014

Further delays to pool reopening

Ongoing issues with heating the water in the main and leisure pools at the Gore Aquatic Centre have forced the Gore District Council to once again delay the reopening of the facility.

It is now scheduled to reopen next Monday 16 June.

Aquatic services manager Kim Peterson has apologised for the continued delays. As frustrating as it has been for the public, it has been equally frustrating for staff, she said.

“We have been working around the clock trying to determine why we can’t get the water temperature to the optimum level and maintain it.”

Earlier this week it appeared as though the problem had been fixed. However, as the pool temperature gets close to its operating level it is taking longer to heat.

The aquatic centre has just undergone a five week maintenance and refurbishment programme. It had been planned to reopen on Monday but this was rescheduled for Thursday (12 June) prior to the latest setback.

The main issues have been with the electronic system, which controls the plant that heats the pool and cools the ice skating rink.

The project was the first scheduled maintenance shutdown of the heat exchange plant since it was commissioned in 2001, Ms Peterson said.

District Assets General Manager Paul Withers has commended staff and those involved in the project. He visited the pool today and was impressed at how good everything was looking.

“We have achieved everything we set out to do. It’s just so unfortunate that the water is not heating up as quickly as expected,” he said.

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