29 August 2014

Committee meeting agendas now online

It has been a couple of months since the last round of committee meetings so there's plenty on the agenda for the September meetings.

The Community Services Committee is the first, starting at 4.00pm. It will be followed by the Operations Committee, then Regulatory and Planning, with Finance and Policy rounding off the evening.

Some of the issues on the agenda are:

  • an update on the recent closure of the Gore Aquatic Centre
  • a proposal to send a councillor to next year's Tamworth Country Music Festival
  • requests to remove trees in Gore's Main Street and at the corner of Hyde Park and River Street
  • a proposal to lessen the impact of the new alcohol licensing fee regime, and
  • the question of whether the Council should name the owners of problem dogs.

Please go to the agendas & minutes page for more information.

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