8 April 2019

2019 / 2020 Annual Plan We're on track

The Gore District Council‘s 2019/2020 Annual Plan is on track to deliver on the targets identified in the 10-Year-Plan.

The coming financial year will be Year 2 of our 10-Year-Plan, which was adopted in June 2018.

Given there are no significant changes requiring public input, we are pleased to provide an update highlighting major projects and some key points, including a proposal to change how we classify dogs for registration purposes.

We are not going through a formal consultation process this time. The public is always welcome, any time of year, to provide feedback on anything relating to our services and facilities either by talking to our councillors, via email or post, or our new app Antenno.  

The average district-wide rate increase for 2019/20 is forecast to be 4.95%.

In our urban areas, the average rate increase is projected to be 5.42%. The main reason is funding ongoing upgrades to the Council’s drinking water network.

In our rural area, the average rates increase is projected to be 3.56% due to an increase in activities funded by the Uniform Annual General Charge.

Until mid-March our budgets were on track to deliver the 4.52% increase flagged in the 10-Year-Plan. However, late notice from the Remuneration Authority has required $80,000 to be added to the budgets for the remuneration of elected members.

What’s Coming Up

Pyramid Bridge replacement: The 2019/20 financial year is expected to see the construction of the new Pyramid Bridge well under way.

Civic Administration Building upgrade: The Council included $5 million is the 10-Year-Plan over two years to upgrade the Civic Administration Building. This work is expected to commence early 2020.

Gore Library roof: This project had been rescheduled to 2020. However, the discovery of black mould has shifted the Council‘s attention over the next six months to taking a considered analysis of the future of the building and the merits of undertaking a more comprehensive upgrade. Should there be any significant departures flowing from the analysis these will be profiled either in a 10-Year-Plan amendment or next year’s annual plan.

Drinking Water Standards upgrades: The Council plans to start work in 2020 to upgrade the Gore water treatment plant to meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.

Dog classification: The Council is proposing to change the classification of dogs for registration purposes from urban and rural dogs to working and non-working. This is to meet legislative requirements. The change is likely to be rolled out in July 2020 and will not affect dog registrations due in August 2019.  



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