Candidates for 2019

On this page you will see the candidates for this year's elections.

You can read about the candidates where seats are contested in the Candidate Profile booklet [PDF, 7 MB], or we have each candidate's profile separately below. 

Gore District Council

Mayor (1 vacancy) 

  • Tracy Hicks (Independent) - nominated by Ian Tulloch and Patricia Morris. Candidate profile [PDF, 163 KB]            

Waikaka Ward (1 vacancy)

  • John Gardyne - nominated by Mervyn Clifford and Sharon Irwin. Candidate profile [PDF, 155 KB]

Kaiwera-Waimumu Ward (1 vacancy)

  • Stewart MacDonell - nominated by Graham Sharp and Peter Hargest. Candidate profile [PDF, 163 KB]

Gore Ward (5 vacancies)

  • Glenys Dickson - nominated by Robert Vercoe and Anne La Hood. Candidate profile [PDF, 175 KB]
  • Adam Duncan - nominated by Phillipa Campbell and Alannah Robinson. Candidate profile [PDF, 162 KB]
  • Doug Grant - nominated by Ivan Van De Water and Allan Boyer. Candidate profile [PDF, 132 KB]
  • Nick Grant - nominated by Mary Ogg QSO and Glenn Puna. Candidate profile [PDF, 141 KB]
  • Bret Highsted - nominated by Karl Metzler and Stephen Coyle. Candidate profile [PDF, 143 KB]
  • Bronwyn Reid - nominated by Margaret Macgregor and Noeline McDiarmid. Candidate profile [PDF, 161 KB]

Mataura Ward (1 vacancy)

  • Neville Phillips - nominated by Nicholas Callick and Wayne Murray. Candidate profile [PDF, 164 KB]

Council At Large (3 vacancies)

  • Cliff Bolger - nominated by Cyril McFadzien and Allan Ferguson. Candidate profile [PDF, 135 KB]
  • Nicky Davis - nominated by Nigel Moore and Ralph Beale. Candidate profile [PDF, 190 KB]
  • Steve (Boko) Dixon - nominated by David McKenzie and Tanya Rowling. Candidate profile [PDF, 148 KB]
  • Richard McPhail - nominated by Anne La Hood and Michael O Neill QSM. Candidate profile [PDF, 165 KB]


Mataura Community Board 

(5 vacancies)

  • Greg Chaffey - nominated by Tony Richardson and Corey Millan. Candidate profile [PDF, 38 KB]
  • Steve (Boko) Dixon - nominated by Susan Neiman and Wayne Neiman. Candidate profile [PDF, 152 KB]
  • Tanya Rowling - nominated by Steven Dixon and David MacKenzie.  Candidate profile [PDF, 163 KB]
  • Linda Sinclair - nominated by Shona Kirby and Philippa Young. Candidate profile  [PDF, 159 KB]
  • Alan Taylor - nominated by Neil Rogan and Michael Whale. Candidate profile [PDF, 180 KB] 
  • Sue Taylor - nominated by Tina Brand and Dorothy Swain. Candidate profile [PDF, 165 KB]
  • Lisa Jayne Thomas - nominated by David Turnbull  and Frederick Kotze. Candidate profile [PDF, 153 KB]

  [PDF, 153 KB]

Mataura Licensing Trust


Ward 1 Tapanui (1 vacancy)

  • Horace McAuley - nominated by Barbara Hanna and Suzanne Wink. Candidate profile [PDF, 160 KB]

Ward 2 Gore (3 vacancies)

  • Jimmy Allison - nominated by Reymond Rankin and John Tutty. Candidate profile [PDF, 154 KB]
  • Yvonne Bannerman - nominated by Karl Metzler and David Morrison. Candidate profile [PDF, 145 KB]
  • Bryan Burgess - nominated by Mark Robinson and Brodie Andrews. Candidate profile [PDF, 188 KB]
  • Alison Cormack - nominated by Douglas Grant and Julian Morris. Candidate profile [PDF, 143 KB]
  • Ross Haslemore - nominated by James Marshall and Jarrad Scott. Candidate profile [PDF, 141 KB]

Ward 3 Mataura (1 vacancy)

  • Yvette Davis - nominated by Tali McLean and Clare Hartnell. Candidate profile [PDF, 142 KB]
  • Brendon (Moe) Murray - nominated by John Wilson and Tina Brand. Candidate profile [PDF, 151 KB]

Ward 4 Rural (1 vacancy)

  • Vince Aynsley - nominated by Anthony Copland and Andrew Tripp. Candidate profile [PDF, 145 KB]

Ward 5 Edendale (1 vacancy)

  • Jeannine Cunningham - nominated by David McKenzie and Denise Fodie. Candidate profile  [PDF, 189 KB]

Ward 6 Wyndham (1 vacancy)

  • Jim McAllister - nominated by Ian Hunter and Lindsay Rodgers. Candidate profile [PDF, 156 KB]

Ward 7 Tokanui (1 vacancy)

  • Todd Lyders - nominated by Philip Golden and Winston Callahan. Candidate profile [PDF, 147 KB]


Gore and District Health Inc

Gore Ward (4 vacancies) 

  • Warren Aitken - nominated by Dennis Terry and Kevin Hammond. Candidate profile [PDF, 34 KB]
  • Ralph Beale - nominated by Robert Vercoe and Michael Hargest. Candidate profile [PDF, 143 KB]
  • Peter Goodger - nominated by Dianne Jones and Trevor Taylor. Candidate profile [PDF, 34 KB]
  • Peter Grant - nominated by Karl Metzler and Lynn MacLean. Candidate profile [PDF, 158 KB]
  • Alison Moore - nominated by Bronwyn McCall and Jennifer Buchanan. Candidate profile [PDF, 157 KB]

Clutha Ward (1 vacancy)

  • Cecil Crawford - nominated by Barbara Hanna and Keith Falconer. Candidate profile [PDF, 161 KB]

Southland Ward (1 vacancy)


The information is also available  on the Election NZ website.

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