There are 100km of footpaths in the District and the Council is committed to maintaining them to as high a standard as possible. We have a programme to systematically renew or replace footpaths in urban areas.

How are footpaths funded?

Route maintenance is funded through targeted rates in either the urban or rural areas. Renewal or replacement work is fund by loan. This is repaid via targeted rating.

Footpath renewal

A number of years ago the Council instigated a footpath renewal programme after identifying a significant number of faulty footpaths in Gore and Mataura.

The programme is generally run in conjunction with the urban reseal programme. This means the year before a street is due to be resealed, we replace any faulty footpaths and other infrastructure, such as kerbing.

Streets provisionally programmed for reseal are listed in the Council's Annual Plan.


The Council is aware of the problems faced by users of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, and the sight impaired, when getting around the District. We programme work to improve accessibility in areas of highest use and as our budgets allow. We encourage people to tell us about any locations that need work to improve accessibility.

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