Drone Flying

Throughout New Zealand, flying remotely piloted aircraft systems (or drones as they are commonly known) is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority. 

In the Gore District we recognise the use of drones is becoming more commonplace as the technology improves and the price goes down.

We have set aside eight reserves where you can fly a drone without a permit. They are:

  • Hamilton Park
  • Newman Park
  • Woolwich Street Walnut Plantation
  • Greenvale Domain
  • McKelvie Heights playground
  • Tulloch Park
  • Pukerau Recreation Reserve
  • Waikaka Domain.

It is important to remember you cannot fly a drone over a playground or near other park users. We also ask that you consider any animals in the area, such as dogs off the leash, that may be frightened by a drone.

You will need a permit to fly a drone in other public spaces. You can apply in writing to us for a permit, or email our Parks and Recreation Manager.

CAA rules for unlicensed operators of drones weighing under 15kg and who want to fly under 120m during the day are:

  • you must not fly beyond the line of sight
  • you must not fly within 4km of an aerodrome
  • you must not fly above people who haven't given consent
  • you must not fly above property unless consent has been obtained from the owner

For more information go to Airshare, New Zealand’s hub for drone use where people can familiarise themselves with the CAA rules, learn how to operate their drone safely and much more.

There's also helpful information and videos on the CAA's YouTube page

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