Fees & Charges Schedule

The Gore District Council annually reviews its fees and charges for all activities and services.

The new schedules, effective from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 can be found below.

Here is a link to a booklet of all fees & charges. [PDF, 340 KB]

Alcohol Licensing [PDF, 24 KB]

This includes annual licensing fees, licence renewals, manager's certificates, and special licenses.

Animal Management [PDF, 42 KB]

This includes dog and livestock fees.

Aquatic Centre [PDF, 64 KB]

This includes swimming, hiring, lessons and membership fees.

Building Consent [PDF, 63 KB]

View the Council's building fees and charges.

Cemeteries [PDF, 33 KB]

View the Council's cemeteries fees and charges.

Corporate [PDF, 34 KB]

This includes fees for staff charge out rates, Annual Plan, Annual Reports, 10-Year-Plans, GIS, Financial Contributions, and Local Government Act charges.

Environmental Health [PDF, 34 KB]

This includes fees for hairdressers, funeral homes, offensive trades, Health Act Food Control Plan or National Programme registrations.

Gore Visitor Centre [PDF, 21 KB] [PDF, 34 KB]

View the Gore Visitor Centre's fees and charges.

Infrastructure [PDF, 34 KB]

This includes water, trade waste, roading and infrastructure/asset protection.

Gore District Libraries [PDF, 25 KB]

View the fees for our District Libraries.

Regulatory [PDF, 35 KB]

This includes fees for noise control, advertising signs, amusement devices, parking, impounded vehicles, mobile traders, gaming machine licences, litter and overhanging foliage.

Rental [PDF, 25 KB]

This includes parks and reserves rentals and community housing.

Resource Consent [PDF, 52 KB]

This includes fees for resource consent applications.

Transfer Station [PDF, 26 KB]

This includes fees for the Gore and Mataura skip bin service.

Venues [PDF, 44 KB]

This includes fees for the MLT Event Centre, James Cumming Wing, and Mataura Community Centre / Elderly Citizens Rooms.

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