There are six cemeteries in the Gore District.

They are:

  • Charlton Park,
  • Gore,
  • Mataura,
  • Waikaka,
  • Pukerau, and
  • Otaraia (closed).

Interments are carried out every day, except for Sundays and public holidays.

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Charlton Parkblossoms at Charlton Park cemetery3

Cemetery Area: 8.09 ha
Location: Bowmar Road, Charlton, Gore
Established: 1974 - present

View map of Charlton Park cemetery [PDF, 186 KB]

Charlton Park cemetery was commissioned by the Gore Borough Council in 1974. It was developed as the old Gore Cemetery, in Crewe Street, was reaching the end of its useful life.

Charlton Park now receives the most burials in the Gore District.

Charlton Park has a total area of 8.1 hectares, of which about half is now fully utilised. The current plotted area, including the cremation garden has a life expectancy of approximately 20 to 30 years. This leaves the remaining area, which is currently leased for stock grazing, to be developed into plots.

Goregore cemetery looking north

Cemetery Area: 3.51 ha
Location: Crewe Street, Gore
Established: 1878 - family internments only

View map of Gore cemetery [PDF, 376 KB]

The Gore cemetery is not available for interments, except if a plot has been pre-purchased. The number of burials at the Gore cemetery average around 20 per year. Unfortunately it is not possible to estimate the future usage of the cemetery due to the fact that plots were sold to families and not individually. This means that any family member is, at any time in the future, entitled to be interred in the cemetery as long as space remains in that family plot.

Matauramataura cemetery

Cemetery Area: 4.0 ha
Location: Crawford Road, Mataura
Established: 1871

View map of Mataura cemetery [PDF, 229 KB]

The Mataura cemetery is the Gore district's number two cemetery in terms of usage, the average yearly interment during the past three years being around 20. The Mataura cemetery covers 4 hectares of which approximately half is currently leased for grazing.

Pukeraupukerau cemetery

Cemetery Area: 3.22 ha
Location: East Street, Pukerau
Established: 1880

View map of Pukerau Cemetery [PDF, 154 KB]

Pukerau cemetery has had less than 5 burials in the last five years. A Pukerau resident currently runs stock on the unused Council cemetery land. This arrangement means minimal maintenance costs are incurred by Council and also leaves 3.2 hectares available for future development, should in the longer term another cemetery close to Gore be required.


Waikakawaikaka cemetery

Cemetery Area: 1.214 ha
Location: 110 Turnball Road, Waikaka
Established: 1883

Currently administered by a Trust - the only Council connection with this cemetery is the ownership of the land. A Waikaka Trust administers burials and maintains the grounds. The cemetery itself is 1.2 hectares in total.


Cemetery Area: 0.1366 ha

Location: Kaiwera Road

Established: 1880

You can contact our sexton by phoning 03 203 9126, or email smcivor@goredc.govt.nz.

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If you are doing some family research, you could contact the NZ Society of Genealogists Gore branch.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: info@goredc.govt.nz