A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a comprehensive report on a property. It includes all historical and current information on commercial and residential properties that are held by the Council.

If you are considering buying a property, we recommend you obtain a LIM before you buy.

Please be aware that a LIM is a comprehensive search of the Council's clerical records only.  No site visit is made. We recommend that if you have any concerns about the property, you seek the advice of a qualified independent professional.

What a LIM includes

Included in a LIM are

  • building consents/permits issued
  • planning consents
  • rating information
  • current valuation
  • any special feature of the land the Council knows about including flooding of any type and possible contamination or hazardous substances
  • information the Council holds on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains
  • any consents, notices, orders or requisitions affecting the land or buildings
  • District Plan classifications that relate to the land or buildings
  • any other classifications on the land or buildings notified to the Council by network utility operators in relation to the Building Act 2004
  • any other information the Council deems relevant

How to obtain a LIM

You will need to complete an application form in full and provide a historical copy of the Certificate of Title with every application. The Council does not hold Certificates of Title, these can be obtained by your lawyer or real estate agent.

LIM application form [PDF, 605 KB]

How much does a LIM cost?

A LIM application takes 10 working days and costs $300. Price includes GST and must accompany the application.  Fees are revised annually.


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