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If you are planning to build or renovate, almost all the work you will do needs to meet a number of standards and regulations, such as the Building Act 2004.

It is the Gore District Council’s role, as the Building Consent Authority for the District, to provide building consents for work that needs approval and inspection under the Act. You will find all our building control forms here.

The Act covers building work but there are other regulations that could affect your project. These include Council bylaws, the Resource Management Act, and legislation specifying certain plumbing, gas and electrical work must be done by qualified professionals.

Earthquake-prone buildings is a relatively new area for local authorities. You can find more information about EPBs here. 

The Building Code

The Building Code is a set of regulations that define the performance standards buildings must meet. Such standards include how strong an earthquake they must be able to withstand and how much natural light a bedroom must have.

The Code sets minimum standards. You may decide to exceed those standards but you cannot do less than the Code requires.

Our Team

We have a team of three building control staff, a plumbing and drainage inspector, and two customer service/building control administration officers.

We are here to help you get all the right information you need for your building consents and strongly recommend that you talk to one of our building inspectors in the early planning stages of any major projects. To contact us either phone on 03 209 0330 or email

You may like to get a professional to help with design work, drawings, specifications and documentation as building and resource consent applications can be complex.

For more detailed guidance, please read the publications below.

A Beginner's Guide to Resource and Building Consent Processes

Building Compliance Information Booklet [PDF, 767 KB]

Buildings for everyone: Designing for access and usability

Otago/Southland/Southern Lakes Building Guide 2017 [PDF, 5.4 MB]

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