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Notifications from Us to You 

Do you want to be alerted to what's going on in your neighbourhood and beyond?

Antenno is a free mobile app that sends you notifications and alerts about places you care about. It is easy to use and no personal information or log on details are required.

No need to check multiple sources of information either – Antenno sends information directly to you.

We will send you information about things like water shutdowns, road works, rubbish/recycling collections, community events and more.

You can choose the places you want to be alerted about, so we’re not bothering you with things that don’t affect you. This might include your home, workplace or where your kids go to school. You can opt out of topics that aren’t of interest to you.

Antenno is customised by you!


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Reports from You to Us

You can also use Antenno to tell the Council about things that need fixing, or give us feedback, direct through the app.

Seen some graffiti, found a pot hole, or have a new idea? Go to the 'Your reports' menu, and add a report to tell us about it. Your report goes directly to our customer service team who then assign it to the relevant department.


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Getting started

All you need to do is install the app from the App Store or Google Play and save places you care about, such as your home, work, rental property or school. Antenno will notify you when something relevant to your chosen place(s) arises.

Antenno is available on both Apple and Android smartphones.


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Antenno FAQs


Q:  Why do I have to save places as specific addresses, why can't I save the whole district?

The aim of Antenno is to provide relevant information for places you care about. If it was broader, Antenno posts would start to resemble a social media feed that you need to sift through to find messages relevant to you. If something comes up that affects the entire district, you'll still receive a notification.


Q: Why does my address come up as East Gore when I live in West Gore?

The app uses Google as the source for its address data. For some reason unknown to us Google Maps has every Gore address as being in East Gore, Gore. Select your address even if it says East Gore as messages will still go to the correct location. 


Q: Can I opt out of a topic for a specific place?

Yes, even if the places are in the same suburb. As an example, if you save your work address (where you don't want to receive recycling reminders) and your home address (where you DO want to receive recycling reminders), you can choose to opt out of receiving recycling reminders for your work address.


Q: Can I opt back in to a topic that I have opted out of?

Not at this stage, but very soon you will be able to.


Q: Can I respond?

If you've found the post useful, you can thank us using the thumbs up icon. If you have an issue or feedback you'd like to send to Council, use the Reports function to send us a report. 


Q: Sometimes notifications seem to be delayed - why?

The app requires either a WiFi connection or mobile data to receive notifications. If you are somewhere without WiFi and don't have your mobile data on, you won't receive new posts until you are connected again.


Q: Sometimes I don't receive a notification for weeks - why?

If there hasn't been any incidents or information relevant to your saved places you won't be sent any notifications! Don't worry – Antenno will let you know when something happens.


Q: How do you choose which notifications go to which devices or places?

When we have a notification to send we assess which parts of the Gore District would find the message relevant. For example:

  • A notification about an incident or road closure on State Highway 1 between Gore and Mataura would be sent to the whole district as that road is widely used.
  • An unplanned water outage that affects residents in Mataura would only be sent to those in Mataura.
  • A rates reminder would be sent district wide, as would a reminder about dog registrations.
  • A refuse and recycling update for the Monday collection area, would be sent only to properties falling within the Monday collection zone.


Q: If I have multiple places saved, how do I know which place a notification relates to?

Each notification shows which of your saved places it relates to, by displaying the places' nickname at the top left.

For example, if you have saved three places (your home, your work and your rental property for example) you will see that for a rates reminder (a district wide message) all three nicknames appear at the top as this post is relevant to all three places.

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