Dogs in the Pound

If your dog is lost, it may be in the Council's pound. We can impound dogs that are straying or wandering to ensure they don't get hurt by traffic or harm others.

If your dog has been impounded, you will need to pay the impounding fees to claim it. The fees range from $50 to $150, and help to cover the costs of looking after your dog while it is in the pound. There is also a $15 per day sustenance fee.

If your dog is not registered and gets impounded, you will need to pay the registration fee as well as any impoundment fees before we can release your dog.

The registration year begins on 1 July. All dogs impounded after this date, including during the month of July, will need to be registered for the upcoming year before they are released.

You can pay impounding fees at our main administration office, in Bowler Avenue, Gore.

You must get your dog microchipped before we release it from the pound if:

  • your dog is unregistered when it gets impounded or
  • it gets impounded twice after 1 July 2006.

If you don't pay the fees within seven days of your dog being impounded, we may adopt it out or euthanise it.

You can contact our dog control officer by phoning 209 0330 or 0800 467 332.


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