Dog Registration Renewal

Dog registrations for 2021 / 2022 are now open. The last day for payment is Friday 6 August.


Re-registration form and information 


Registrations are renewed each year. We send reminder notices to all known dog owners. Registering your dog means we can quickly identify the owner if the dog is lost or runs away.  

Registration Changes

From this year, dogs will be classified as working and non-working for registration purposes, not urban and rural.

The main definition of a working dog (as set out in the Act) that would apply to most Gore District dog owners is:     

  • A dog kept mainly for herding or working with stock

Click here for the full definition of working dogs and stock. You can notify us of a change to your dog's classification by filling in our online form

We know there could be cases where a breed of dog usually considered a non-working dog may be used as a working dog. If you believe this applies to your dog, please contact us. You will need to demonstrate to our staff that your dog meets the definition of a working dog as stated in the Act.


New registration fees 

Non-Working Dogs

Base fee: $120
Desexed: -$40
No complaint or impoundment in the last two years - $20
Total fee: $60


Working Dogs

Fee: $25

Complaint or impoundment in the last two years: + $20


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who decides what is a working dog and what is a non-working dog?

The Dog Control Act 1996 has definitions of a working dog. The definitions that would apply to most dogs in the Gore District are:

  • A dog kept mainly for herding or working with stock

Click here to read full definitions of a working dog and stock in the Act.


What breeds are typically considered working dogs?

Breeds the Council has identified as usually being thought of as working dogs include: 

  • Collie (Bearded, Border, Rough or Smooth) 
  • Heading
  • Huntaway
  • Australian Kelpie
  • Australian Cattle Dog 

There may be other breeds that are used as a working dog (as defined by the Act). Owners of these breeds will need to demonstrate their dog meets the definition of a working dog.


If I want to breed puppies from my dog is there any discount?

No – non-working dogs that are not desexed do not qualify for the $40 discount on registration, unless the dog is registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club and the owner is in possession of its papers.


What if I am a registered breeder or my dog is a registered show dog, is there a discount?

Yes –  if your dog is registered with the NZ Kennel Club and you hold its papers, you will qualify for the $40 discount.


What if my dog is in their twilight years?

The fees for old dogs and young dogs are the same.


What if my dog cannot be desexed for medical reasons?

The non-working desexed dog discount only applies to a dog that has been desexed. However, consideration will be given to special cases, for example a letter from the vet to state a dog cannot be safely desexed


Do I get a rebate for the years I have been paying urban registration fees for my working dog?

There will be no retrospective rebates for working dogs living in town.

Register a new dog

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered. Click here to register a new dog.


Re-register your dog

You can re-register your dog or dogs online. Register online here and follow the instructions.

You can also update your dog's details, such as whether it's been sold or is deceased.

All you need is the dog's ID number. You will find this in the left-hand column on your registration notice. 

When your dog is registered you will receive an identification tag which must be attached to your dog’s collar at all times. Dogs without ID tags will be treated as unregistered, until the contrary is proved. Replacement tags are available if the current tag has been lost or stolen.

Please note we can only accept payment by credit card for online registrations.  We have to charge a 2.88% surcharge on all credit card transactions as per usual credit card banking fees.



Registration Form

If you don't want to use our online registration process, you can download the form below and email or drop it into us.

Dog Registration Form  [PDF, 73 KB]

Dog Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy [PDF, 476 KB]

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