Animal Management

You can view our Animal Management Fees and Charges here [PDF, 40 KB]


The Council provides a range of keeping of animals services such as:

  • Dog control
  • Wandering stock
  • Controlling the keeping of certain types of animals in townships, e.g. pigs, horses, and cattle, and poultry.

Dog Control

If you have lost your dog it may be in our pound. Click here for the list of dogs currently in the pound. 

Go to our Dog Owner Information page to find out more


Stock On Roads

Our animal management rangers follow up all complaints about stock on roads. 

Wandering stock is an issue in the District, and presents a threat to motorists. 

If stock are on the road, they are removed from the road into the nearest paddock if possible.  If the owner of the stock cannot be identified, stock are impounded and transported to Council’s pound. 

Repeat incidents are investigated by Council’s Animal Control Officers.  

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