Details about Swim School Classes

On this page you will find details about each of our Leap Frogs Swim School classes


Baby  - 30 minute class

  • Correct holding position for safe entry and exit
  • Water confidence on tummy
  • Water confidence on back
  • Safe submersion by caregiver
  • Water safety tips
  • Baby kick movements
  • Baby arm movements


Tadpoles - 30 minute class

  • Kangaroo jumps (jump to breathe)
  • Submerge independently
  • Floating on front and back with support
  • Submerge confidently and independently


Frogs - 30 minute class

  • Float & kick across pool on tummy and back independently
  • Submerge confidently and independently
  • Streamline position


Octopus - 30 minute class

  • Arm circles across the pool on back independently
  • Arm circles across the pool on back independently
  • Streamline
  • Strengthen kick


Trout - 30 minute class (transitioning to main pool)

  • Demonstrate breathing position on left and right without support
  • Arm circles on back with high body position and strong kick
  • Arm circles on back with high body and strong kick
  • Arm circles on front with strong kick


Salmon - 30 minute class (transitioning to deep water)

  • Freestyle 15 metres
  • Backstroke 15 metres
  • Breaststroke kick 15 metres
  • Basic Butterfly kick


Seals - 30 minute class

  • Freestyle 25 metres with bilateral breathing
  • Backstroke 25 metres
  • Breaststroke kick and arms, developing timing
  • Butterfly kick 15 metres


Dolphin – 30 minute class


Freestyle 50 metres

Backstroke 50 metres

Breaststroke full stroke

Freestyle kick 100 metres

Dives and tumble turns


Stingray – 60 minute class

A focus on keeping students engaged with swimming by providing …

  • Technique feedback
  • Improving fitness
  • Challenging activities
  • Relay races
  • Team games

 Adults –15 minute private lessons 

Adults are taught one-on-one.  Lessons can be booked at a time to suit you.  Individual lesson plans are developed to suit your needs. Suitable for total beginners to advanced.


Private Lessons – 15 minutes

Private lessons are offered to Adults, Tadpole, Frog, Octopus, Trout and Salmon level students. We also offer private lessons for specialised skills such as diving, water safety, and snorkelling.

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