Our Brand

The Gore District is a special place to live but until the start of 2014, we let other people tell our story.

The Council decided to take control and develop a brand that not only tells the Council’s story but also the District’s.

The result is visuals that

  • reflect the unique way of life on offer in the Gore District 
  • show our commitment to a fresh approach to community engagement and service delivery, and
  • defines what is different and special about us and the place we live in

To see for yourself, we have put together this awesome video.

We often talk about Gore punching above its weight. We have all the advantages of a city – café culture, nationally renowned arts and events, and outstanding sports facilities – in a rural location. We call this combination Rural City Living.

These three words encapsulate what we are and what we offer. They tell the story of all the services, facilities, attractions and the lifestyle, while promoting the rural values and benefits they bring.

We Are Our BrandGore District Logo

Our brand represents an attitude and way of doing things that resonates with the people who live here and those who visit.  We are all part of the brand – the Council and the community. How we talk and how we do things reflects and builds pride in our District and the values we hold.

With a District identity there is also a vehicle through which economic development activities can be marketed to target audiences, such as business development, visitors and potential residents.

Our new brand will bring cohesion to the marketing of the events, facilities and services provided by the many organisations that contribute to the life of the Gore District.

Our LogosGore DC Logo

The flag bearers for our brand are two new logos – one for the Gore District and the other for the Council. In the visual representation of the District brand we have a hand-crafted type treatment that hints of the real, rural and gritty authentic nature of the Gore District and its people.


For our logo we have let our name do the talking - no extra icons are needed. By stacking the type an interesting mark is created highlighting the word ‘Go’ that sits within Gore.

Taking the word ‘Go’ in isolation, the Council and businesses in the District can tell of all the things we have here. It creates an action, a command, and conveys the impression of energy and positivity. It comes to life in a campaign with imagery and type, telling the story of the rural city living on offer in Gore.

This is our brand.

This is our story.

You can view a video about the Brand here.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: info@goredc.govt.nz