Ready For Growth - a development project for the Gore District

Ready for Growth is a community-led development strategy for the Gore District. Its overall objective is to grow the Gore District’s population by 1500 people by 2030. Its vision and mission are:


Vision: Rural City Living in action

Mission: For the Gore District to embrace the concept of Rural City Living, to make it the best place in New Zealand to live, work, visit and do business.

Objective: To grow the Gore District population by 1500 people by 2030.

Through extensive community consultation, Ready for Growth has identified a comprehensive overview of the socio-economic conditions required to generate sustainable growth and opportunity across the District. That process was led by a community steering group, chaired by former senior police officer Richard McPhail, and facilitated by the Gore District Council.

In addition to broad community consultation, a youth-focused workshop directed at 12-17 year-olds identified specific needs for leisure and employment opportunities, interactive technology, and innovative attractions to capture the interest of and retain young people within the District.

The Ready for Growth consultation process identified a series of short and medium term projects to deliver outputs including: job creation; inward investment; agri-sector support; improving workforce capability and employability; promoting community wellbeing; infrastructure development; building business and retail capacity; and strengthening and developing commissionable tourism products.

Each of those projects have been grouped within four themes:

• Community Wellbeing
• Attraction
• Business, Development and Workforce
• Facilitating Growth

Ready for Growth action plan summary [PDF, 561 KB]

To date, Ready for Growth has provided a strategic context for the development of significant socio-economic projects, particularly where those projects have relied on applications for external funding.

Over the next few months the Council will continue to progress Ready for Growth. This will include further development of the action plan and progressing Council-led projects that fall within the broad Ready for Growth framework.


Get in touch if you, or a local organisation you are connected to, have plans for a project that will help promote growth within the Gore District. We can help you understand our community, our economy and the conditions we strive to achieve.

For more information on the Ready for Growth project, please contact our Community Services Manager Anne Pullar, phone 027 229 7605 or email

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