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Without a past we have no future. We believe it is a priority to preserve and showcase the District’s heritage. We see the following two projects being major contributions to achieving this.

Heritage precinct redevelopment

The Gore District is renowned for its arts and heritage. We have become a destination in our own right for aficionados of the arts and host exhibitions more befitting our metropolitan cousins.

We believe we can build on our success and develop an area that will be a major visitor attraction. We see the promotion of heritage tourism as one of the key drivers of economic development in the District.

The heritage precinct in Hokonui Drive is currently home to a cluster of heritage and arts attractions, such as the Hokonui Moonshine Museum and Eastern Southland Gallery. It is also home to the Hokonui Moonshiners’ Festival, and key Council services the Gore Visitor Centre and Gore Library.

The precinct’s redevelopment has been simmering away for some time, starting in 2008 with the strategic acquisition of 28 Irwell Street. This is presently leased by the Salvation Army.

Our vision for 28 Irwell Street is to transform it into a home for four different facilities.

They are:

  • a working moonshine distillery,
  • the Hokonui Moonshine Museum,
  • Gore Visitor Centre, and
  • a public exhibition/information space.

The vacant space created by moving the museum and visitor centre will provide a new collection storage facility in the existing Win Hamilton Wing. We will make our busy heritage research centre more accessible to the public by relocating it to the ground floor, while also extending and upgrading the Gore Historical Museum displays.

Creating a more pedestrian friendly streetscape and a makeover for precinct signage are also included in
our plans.

In 2015/16 we want to develop a concept plan to give us a firm direction and timeline, as well as something tangible to enable us to share our vision.
The total cost of the project is estimated to be $2.2million, of which we have already pledged $1million. The Council’s support and financial commitment has been integral in enabling this project to access external funding sources.

Of the funding already budgeted for, we have spent $500,000 on purchasing the Irwell Street building and a further $500,000 is tagged for expenditure over the next six years. It will be used as seed funding for a staged development, starting with the concept plan.

We plan to borrow the $500,000 flagged in this consultation document (impact on debt $83 per rating unit). Repayment of the loan will be split between the uniform annual general charge and general rates. This will cost each ratepayer, on average, $7.20 a year.

This second stage is conditional on the remaining $1.2million being secured from external sources.

Do you support our proposals for the heritage precinct?
See question 2A on the feedback form.

Heritage building preservation fund

We know the earthquake strengthening standards are creating a headache for commercial property owners,
particularly those with heritage buildings. We are also aware that since the Christchurch earthquake, the public’s perception of heritage and its preservation has shifted.

Against this backdrop there are some residents concerned about how quickly our central business district has changed with the demolition of several notable buildings.

A number of heritage buildings in the CBD are identified in the District Plan as worth protecting. We plan to create a heritage preservation fund, setting aside $40,000 a year for 10 years, to help the owners of these buildings as they work through meeting building code compliance standards.

We are also embarking on a review of the District Plan heritage building list, in recognition of the events in Christchurch and shifts in public opinion.
Every ratepayer will contribute, on average, $6.60 to the heritage preservation fund via the general rate. This rate is based on capital value, which means the owners of low value properties will pay less and those who own high value properties will pay more.

Do you agree with the creation of a heritage preservation fund and the annual amount we have set?
See question 2B on the feedback form.

Decreasing or increasing the annual amount will have a corresponding effect on how much each ratepayer contributes.

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