Proposed Changes to Water Restriction Levels & the Disposal of Stormwater

Consultation on the bylaws below has closed. The Council received 53 submissions on the water bylaw. Five people have asked to speak in support of their submissions. The hearing will be held on Wednesday 12 December, starting at 11.00am, in the Council's committee room. 

Water Bylaw review report [PDF, 759 KB]


Water Supply Bylaw 2015

Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw 2011


The Gore District Council is asking for public feedback on two bylaws we are currently reviewing. The proposed changes impact on

  • Water restriction levels in Gore and Mataura for residential, commercial and industrial users
  • Rainwater storage tanks for new houses in Gore and Mataura
  • How commercial and industrial developments in Gore, Mataura and Waikaka deal with stormwater 

This is part of our proactive approach to managing the potential impact of climate change on our community. Modelling by NIWA indicates climate change will cause more intense rainfall events in winter and spring, and extended dry spells throughout the year.

You can find details of the proposed amendments and reviews, why we believe they are required, and the impact they will have on you as a home or business owner, or property developer, in our Bylaws Consultation Document. 

Bylaws changes consultation document [PDF, 1 MB]

Statement of Proposal [PDF, 477 KB] 


Water Supply Bylaw 2015

The proposed amendment to this bylaw will see the removal of the existing four level water restriction regime, which is applied only to residential properties. The new regime would see a three stage, five level regime applied across residential, commercial and industrial. 


water levels


The new regime's phased approach we see non-essential outdoor water use targeted first (e.g. washing cars and watering lawns). In an extended period of water shortage we may need to escalate to stricter measures to further reduce water demand. The later phases of restrictions would require significant cuts to water use by everyone, including residents, business and industry.

We are also proposing to be more lenient when it comes to watering your vegetable garden and filling small paddling pools. We acknowledge the importance of these activities to residents for a range of health, social and economic reasons.

Water Supply Bylaw amendments [PDF, 583 KB] 


Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw 2011 

We have recently reviewed our Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw 2011 as it is due to expire. We have decided to replace it with a new bylaw that reflects best practice.

This bylaw is generally a technical document of interest to developers. However, there are proposed changes that will be of particular interest to the wider community. These are:

  • Making rainwater storage tanks mandatory where new houses are built in Gore and Mataura
  • Requiring new commercial and industrial developments to dispose of stormwater on their site, where practicable
  • Requiring developments in Gore, Mataura and Waikaka to provide areas of permeable surfaces to minimise the impact of rainfall on the stormwater networks


Synopsis of changes to the Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw 2018 [PDF, 400 KB]

Draft Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw 2018 [PDF, 8.5 MB]

2011 Subdivision and Land Development Bylaw [PDF, 5.1 MB]

Public Notice for Bylaws changes [PDF, 458 KB]

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