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The Gore District Council has three wastewater schemes. These service Gore, Mataura and Waikaka.

We are responsible for 145km of pipeline. This does not include laterals in the road reserve. We have 878 manholes.

What is wastewater?

Wastewater is the water that drains into a sewer pipe each time you flush the toilet, pull the plug from a sink, have a shower or use water on your property. Wastewater is commonly known as sewage.

Wastewater contains bacteria and waste materials, which are treated and removed to protect public health and the environment.

Most wastewater comes from showers, baths and washing machines. Wastewater is 99 percent water. The other 1 percent includes organic matter such as human waste, food scraps, fats, oil and grease, and debris such as sand, grit and plastic. Wastewater can also contain household chemicals, paint and pharmaceuticals, which can be harmful to our health and to waterways.

What if there is a problem?

On Your Property – a blocked drain or any leaks on your property is your responsibility to fix. You need to contact your plumber to find the problem.

We have some records of each service connection location. This can be viewed on your property file at the Council’s main office.

On the Council’s property – if you notice a leak on public property such as a footpath, road or park or you can smell a problem on any neighbouring property, please contact us as soon as possible.

A new connection

An application for building consent to build a new urban dwelling may require a new connection to the wastewater service.

A piped service connection application is required for a new dwelling. This includes wastewater, water supply and stormwater connections. There is a fee associated with this application.

Septic tanks

In rural areas and some properties close to our urban boundaries, a septic tank system is used to treat wastewater.

Septic tanks/onsite disposal is permitted when no pipe system is available and when disposal on site can be done without harming the environment. It is the owner’s responsibility to have these maintained, emptied and cleaned.

There are two septic tank cleaning companies in the Gore District who can be contacted if there are any problems.

The Story of Your Septic Tank [PDF, 1.2 MB] (produced by the NZ Water and Wastes Association).

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