Gore and Mataura water mains cleaning project

Fire Hydrant Flushing System 1

From 31 May the Council will be cleaning the water mains in Gore and Mataura.

The process involves flushing water from the mains through a mobile filtration unit mounted on a truck, such as the one pictured above. This is expected to significantly reduce the build-up of trace elements, such as manganese, in our network and improve water quality.

Current work area

The unit will be working in East Gore the week starting Monday 24 July.

It will be in Mataura the week starting Monday 31 July.

What can you expect

Residents may notice a temporary reduction in water pressure and/or some discolouration. If discolouration occurs, please turn on the tap nearest to the ground level (usually an outside tap) and allow it run for up to five minutes until water runs clear.

As part of the cleaning procedure, water may be released from the mains in your area.

Vehicle access to properties will not be affected although minor traffic disruptions may be experienced. To ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, appropriate signage will be in place, where necessary.

What is the process

We are the first council in New Zealand to use this process; find out more here.

We are working with international water management company Detection Services, which uses a unit known as NO-DES. 

The NO-DES unit connects to the water mains via two hydrants, creating a temporary above ground loop. A pump on the NO-DES unit then circulates water through the loop at the desired flushing velocity (typically 1 to 1.5 meters per second). The water circulates in the opposite direction to the normal water flow in the mains. As it circulates, the water passes through the NO-DES unit filters and disinfection station which remove the particulate matter.

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