Taha Fertilizer Industries

On this page you will find information relating to Taha Fertilizer Industries storage of up to 10,000 tonnes of Ouvea Premix and eight tonnes of ammonia sulphate at the former paper mill, in Kana Street, Mataura. 

The land use consent for Taha expired on 11 January 2018. We are working with the site owners and liquidator to ensure a suitable outcome for Mataura residents and the Council. 

Latest news

The site is presently being monitored for ammonia (NH³) gas emissions to ensure it complies with the consent conditions that specify a limit of 5ppm ammonia discharged to air. 

The reports will be published on this page as they become available.

Ammonia (NH³) gas emissions monitor report

February 2019 [PDF, 556 KB]

January 2019 [PDF, 464 KB]

December 2018 [PDF, 559 KB]

Week 46 - 50 [PDF, 413 KB]

Week 41 - 45 [PDF, 839 KB]

Week 38 -40 [PDF, 559 KB]

Week 34 - 37 [PDF, 752 KB]

Week 30 - 33 [PDF, 441 KB]

Week 26 - 29 [PDF, 381 KB]

Week 20 - 25 [PDF, 434 KB]

Week 16 - 19 [PDF, 369 KB]

Week 13 -15 [PDF, 815 KB]

Week 10 - 12 [PDF, 422 KB]

Week 7 - 9 [PDF, 389 KB]

Week 4 - 6 [PDF, 361 KB]

Week 1 - 3 [PDF, 815 KB]

Historical Information

A land use consent application by Taha Fetilizer Industries Ltd for the storage of up to 10,000 tonnes of Ouvea Premix and eight tonnes of ammonia sulphate, at the former Mataura paper mill, in Kana Street, was granted retrospectively with conditions.

Taha Fertilizer Industries decision [PDF, 776 KB]

Supplementary information provided to Hearing Commissioners.

Taha Fertilizer Industries' consent application [PDF, 7.2 MB]

The application was publicly notified and 64 submissions were received. The hearing will be before independent commissioners Colin Weatherall, of Dunedin, and David Pullar, of Gore.

Submissions [PDF, 31 MB]

Summary of Submissions [PDF, 577 KB]

Senior Planner's Report [PDF, 477 KB]

Technical Reports for Applicant [PDF, 17 MB]

Appendix VI and VII [PDF, 320 KB]

Other relevant documentation

Public notice of Taha Fertilizer Industries' application [PDF, 387 KB]

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