All dogs over the age of three months must be registered. It is an offence not to register your dog and the owner of an unregistered dog could be liable for a fine of up to $3000 upon conviction in court.

The registration must be renewed each year. The Council sends out reminder forms each year, about mid-June. If you are a new dog owner, it is your responsibility to contact us or you can download a registration form to bring in.

Registration Form [PDF, 723 KB]

When your dog is registered you will receive an identification tag which must be attached to your dog’s collar at all times. Dogs without ID tags will be treated as unregistered, until the contrary is proved. Replacement tags are available if the current tag has been lost or stolen.

If a dog is not registered in time there is a 40 percent penalty fee is applied. Infringement notices will be issue to people who fail to register their dog.

Dog Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy [PDF, 476 KB]

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