Rubbish Collection & Transfer Station

You can now submit an online enquiry about our transfer station or rubbish collection service. Be sure to fill in all relevant information to help us respond to you as quickly as possible. Please read our eServices Terms and Conditions.

The Gore District Council has a kerbside wheelie bin collection service for recycling and rubbish. It operates in Gore and Mataura, and is for households and businesses.

There will be two bins – a yellow lidded bin for recycling and the red lidded bin for rubbish. The yellow recycling bin is emptied fortnightly and the red rubbish bin emptied every other fortnight.

The bins are 240 litres. However, there are smaller bins available in special circumstances.

To find out your collection day or for more information go to WasteNet Southland's website.

What is WasteNet Southland?

WasteNet Southland is a joint initiative of the Gore District Council, Invercargill City Council and Southland District Council.  It provides a coordinated approach to recycling services and the delivery of solid waste collection within Southland.

Rural properties

If you live in rural areas, there is a privately operated wheelie bin collection service available. Or household rubbish and green waste can be taken to the Gore transfer station.

Transfer Station Information 

Gore Transfer Station
  During Daylight Saving
Winter Hours
Monday to Friday 10.30am - 5.00pm 10.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 10.30am - 5.00pm 10.30am - 4.00pm
Sunday 12 noon - 5.00pm 12 noon - 4.00pm
Mataura Transfer Station  
  During Daylight Saving Winter Hours
Sunday 12 noon - 5.00pm 11.00am - 4.00pm


Gore Transfer Station
Standard sized refuse bag $3
Car boot (general refuse) $11.50 minimum charge
Car boot (green waste) $5.50
Station wagon, utility or van by weight
Single appliance $6
Car bodies - unstripped $42
Car bodies - stripped $21
Small tyres $6.50
Large tyres $13.50
Televisions and computer monitors $6.50
General or mixed refuse per tonne $176.50
General refuse - minimum charge $13.50
Chippable waste only per tonne $52.50
Chippable, metals and cleanfill - minimum charge $11.50
Metals per tonne $21
Clean fill only per tonne $11.50
Administration fee for delivery/change of wheelie bins $85

All vehicles at Gore may be requested to be weighed. A car boot is a standard sedan style car. Station wagons, utilities, vans etc. are required to be weighed.

Mataura Skip Bin
Standard sized refuse bag $3.50
Car boot / 44 gallon drum (general refuse) $12.50
Car boot (chippable waste only) $11.50
Station wagon $23
Single axle trailer, utility or van $54.50
Tandem trailer $87
Chippable waste only - trailer, ute or van $21

Terms and conditions

In order to ensure all refuse contained within a vehicle is accounted for, vehicles entering or leaving the landfill site are subject to inspection by the landfill operator.

In order to ensure only acceptable waste is deposited, contents of refuse bags or other containers are subject to inspection by the landfill operator. Failure to permit an inspection may result in landfill access being denied.

In order to ensure public safety, instructions issued by landfill staff must be followed.

Waste Management Plan

The Waste Management Plan and associated Summary of Information are now available from the Gore District Council office in Bowler Avenue.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 F: 03 209 0357 E: