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Reporting an issue

Making a formal complaint


Reporting an issue

The easiest way to tell us about things that need fixing, or to provide feedback is by using our free app, Antenno.

All you need to do is install the app from the App Store or Google Play and save places you care about, such as your home, work, rental property or school. Antenno will notify you when something relevant to your chosen place(s) arises.

Antenno is available on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

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For more information check out our Antenno page.

You can also report issues by using our online forms here.

Reports sent after hours may not be actioned until the next business day.

If immediate attention is required, please phone 03 209 0330 or 0800 GOREDC.

In an emergency, contact emergency services.


Making a formal complaint

Find out how you can make a formal complaint and how we will resolve it by going to our Make a Formal Complaint page.

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